Amanda Matlovich


Amanda Matlovich

Hi I’m Amanda.

I am a unit stills and portrait photographer based in Toronto, but love to travel for photography, and just for fun.

I started in product photography while still in film school and even though I had fun filming with a camera, photography was my first love. When I found on-set stills combines both of these passions, I knew it was for me!

I love working on period based productions, true stories, and documentary productions. Shooting for production art to later be seen on screen is also an aspect of this job I enjoy. Capturing scene stills as well as behind-the-scenes moments of the hard working crew and cast working together to make movie magic is my true passion.

I know how to keep it clean and professional while on set (and do a great job at keeping out of an actors way!). That said, I’m not afraid to get dirty on location to get the job done, meaning I can take charge of a delicate situation if I need to.

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